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Following are some actual examples of clients whom we have helped in selling their gold, silver, jewelry and coins.

Situation: Clients' father passed away and left them 300+ Franklin Mint one ounce Sterling Silver collectible bars.

Outcome: Although most Franklin Mint collectibles have little value today, Sterling Silver is always valuable. We sold this client's silver for approximately $9,100.00 ... which was nearly $7,000.00 more than they were offered by a dealer in Philadelphia.

"…the check you delivered for our silver was thousands of dollars more than the dealers I contacted had offered. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!" ... Philadelphia PA

Situation: Client's husband passed away leaving her 4 coffee cans filled with coins.

Outcome: Although these were not Numismatic (Collectible) Coins, they were Junk Silver (90% Silver) Coins. Our client's family had no idea of value and we were able to liquidate these coffee cans of coins for nearly $26,000.00.

"...We had no idea these coins were worth that much money. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts..." Souderton, PA

Situation: Our clients who were downsizing their home brought a RubberMaid tub to our offices, stating that it contained wedding gifts they had received nearly 40 years ago. The tub had been sitting un-used in their basement for decades and they had no idea whether there was anything of value.

Outcome: We sorted through the tub, separating the Sterling Silver from the Silverplate and Pewter items. We returned the Silverplate and Pewter items to the clients, suggesting that they sell them at a garage sale. We then liquidated the Sterling Silver for approximately $4,500.00.

"...We were shocked at how much money these items brought. Thanks for helping us to deal with these things..." Malvern PA

Situation: Our client was selling some items from his mother's estate.

Outcome: We filled our van with some furniture, decorative accessories, and other various items and took them to a local auction where the entire van load sold for approximately $1,200.00. From the same estate we also found a smaller quantity of gold jewelry, enough to fill the bottom portion of a small plastic cereal bowl. That gold brought nearly $5,500.00 for our client.

"...I was stunned that so little gold jewelry could bring so much money..." Doylestown PA

Situation: Our clients had a Coin Collection and weren't sure how to best dispose of it.

Outcome: We sorted the coins into three categories. We returned the "Face Value Only" coins back to the client which they deposited into the bank without commission or expense. We sent the more valuable "Numismatic (Collectible) Coins" to a coin auction where they were sold in a competitive bidding situation to knowledgeable coin buyers. And we scrapped the Junk Silver Coins for fair market value, thereby avoiding the auction commission on coins that were not "collectible", but still had considerable value.

"...The way you handle our coins made perfect sense, and we obtained a much higher return selling them through you than we could have received if we tried to sell them by ourselves..." Buckingham PA

Situation: A client in a Home Downsizing situation informed us that he had removed all that he wanted from his home, and that we should dispose of all that was left.

Outcome: Imagine our client's surprise when we informed him that we had found a box containing a Tiffany Sterling Silver Tea Set, and two Tiffany Repousse Bowls that he had overlooked in the basement. He instructed us to sell them at Auction for him, and they subsequently brought more than $5,000.00.

"…I was floundering and didn't know what to do…until I met you. Thanks for all of your help." …
Princeton NJ

Situation: Our clients had us review a box of coins and jewelry to see if there was any value.

Outcome: In that box, mixed in with assorted low value Foreign Coins and Costume Jewelry were eight Gold U.S. Coins and some assorted 10k, 14k, and 18k Gold Jewelry, which we subsequently sold for more than $12,000.

"$12,000.00 for a few coins and a few pieces of jewelry! We had no idea and would have sold the entire box for a few dollars. Thanks for all of you help." ... Bucks County PA

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