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Despite today's high gold & silver prices, many people are still sitting on their precious metal items for fear of being cheated. As professional appraisers, we take the "Smoke & Mirrors" out of selling gold & silver and help clients to obtain the highest prices possible. Whether selling Numismatic Gold & Silver Coins ... Junk Silver Coins ... Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry ... Sterling Silver Flatware & Decorative Accessories ... Gold & Silver Bullion Coins & Bars ... we can help.

Ask Yourself This Question: How many "Pennyweights" or "Grams" are in one "Troy Ounce"? Few can readily answer this question and, since most gold dealers quote prices in terms of "Pennyweights" or "Grams", most sellers of gold and silver are at the mercy of unscrupulous dealers who take advantage of their lack of knowledge.

As Appraisers We Take the Risk Out of Selling Precious Metals. Most dealers say that "They" pay more than anyone else when in fact they don’t. We are not dealers. And we do not buy. Rather, we are appraisers who offer a very easy 4-Step Service which helps our clients maximize the amount they will receive when selling:

  • We identify and separate the Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other Precious Metals from the less valuable Silverplate, Electroplate, Quadruple Plate, Gold-Plate, Gold-Filled, Rolled Gold, Pewter, etc.
  • We weigh it and estimate the value ... before you sell. If you don't like the price, you don't have to sell.
  • We work with reputable dealers who pay the highest % of spot price.
  • We can negotiate a much higher selling price on your behalf than you could on your own because of our knowledge of the selling process and higher sales volume.

If you have any family, friends, or clients who may have a need for this service, please pass our name along. We'll insure that they are treated fairly.

(P.S.: There are 20 Pennyweights and 31.1 Grams in 1 Troy Ounce).

How to Sell Your Gold and Silver

How to Deal with Household and Estate Coins

About Michael Ivankovich

Michael is an Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Home Downsizing Specialist based in Doylestown (Bucks County) PA and he helps clients to deal with their belongings when moving or downsizing their homes.

He helps them to understand the value of their Antiques, Collectibles, Residential Contents, and Precious Metals … as well as how … and where … to liquidate them for the most money possible.

You may also want to visit Mr. Ivankovich’s Appraisal Web Site:

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Michael Ivankovich, GPPA, MPPA
Personal Property Appraiser

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